Will businesses pay to have a social media consultant manage their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...
portfolio? Please share your opinions, thoughts and ideas.

In my opinion, most business owners don't have a clue where to start regarding social media and mobile text advertising.

Dan Hughes

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This is something that I am actually trying to pursue! With in my own company and possibility free lance into an offspin company. It is getting in very high demand and can really be profitable.  In less than 20 days of research in a test on myself, I was able to get 4 pages of my own name in Google without paying for it.. google "Jaime Bordelon Social Media"  Now that I know it works, I need to go back into it and update some information and really get my attack strat down!


It is easy to become noticed, but you have to have a plan.  this was a brief experiment and it has proved successful. Now its just proving the "experience" which is so hard to do in such a new market!


Look at all that has happened with Egypt, Japan, China, etc in communication only on the Social Media level.  I started with news and technology, and have branched off from there. If you are an advisor use www.linkedfa.com it is able to set up access for client view, or networking within your community view. You can even set up for compliance recording!

 Update Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Linkedfa, all at the same time.. Use www.tweetdeck.com to update other social media too! And you can also go through each channel and more! using Foursquare and Google Buzz..


I could go on forever, and most of you know of it already.  Think of all the available Internet Bar Code Scanning and the possibility of branding through that avenue.. Read Write Web...



Back to it for me! Enjoy

Jaime thanks for posting this! It truly helpful to a friend of mine who I had read your response. It's still a relatively new technology approach to marketing and there are so many tools. Hearing what others are doing and what they are using and for what is helpful. Tweetdeck I know is very useful! I know she was really excited to hear about linkedfa. Have a great weekend!
Glad to! This area of the market is soamazing to me...I'm still trying.g to master too. Keep in touch ..love hearing other's ideas too!

Wow plethora of real life examples. Good to be here.


I would agree to a large extent that yes there is business for Social Media personnel. If we show then the return on investment it works out positively. However when we try to talk with Clients there is a definite need to hand hold and lead them through. This is a new [relatively new] field and if we think that a Client is going to be happy after 6 mths then we could stand a chance to loosing them. We need to keep in contact and train them and their team on what is Social Media and what performance is given in from our end.

I am a social media consultant - company name Spirapex : I find that a lot of smaller companies don't have the time to really spend on social media and that's why they hire me. In addition, like you mentioned - they know that social media exists and are curious as to why it is so popular, but have no clue as to how to do it and how it can benefit their business. First, I educate them on why it will help them and supply them with stats. I also believe it's important to build trust with my clients because social media is about becoming social - so i don't rush with a sales pitch, in fact the only sales pitch I use is the stats I have and my references . Once I establish a good relationship with my clients - most of them hire me. I do often manage all of their social media accts. and ghost write for their blogs, but I also can just consult them on how they can do it themselves (if they decide it's important enough to spend their time on). In general, I believe most small businesses need a consultant to do the work for them and some larger companies need a consultant to educate their employees about how to utilize social media.

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Yes! There definitely is. I know there are several full time openings as well but those would be to manage an entire organization's function. What you propose is a slightly different but you can probably get smaller companies or mom and pops to sign onto this. Especially those w/ storefronts. You can use Foursquare for instance.
I think larger companies often make it part of the job description of their overall marketing person, but I think it is in smaller business where you will find companies hiring consultants, even just to get set up. As easy as Facebook and Twitter is to someone who does it, lots of business owners are clueless.
Your are so right Lowell!!! BTW, welcome to the site :). It will definitely merge in with marketing tasks.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their ideas and thoughts on this discussion topic. A lot of great replies from everyone. I just finished reading a great blog post from Jeff Bullas that I wanted to share with everyone 25 Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Sales


Make it a Great Day!



Yes, I think most business owners will invest in using social media for marketing if they are properly aware with the benefits of using facebook, twitter, google plus etc.

3 years after this was posted, it is amazing that business owners are now aware of how Social Media can boost their business presence online. And as well, some of these businesses were serious in hiring Social Media Consultants to manage their accounts.

For new businesses, this is a great way to have your brand recognized by others. Just a nice strategy and informatively clever posts containing video, images, infographics, etc. can help in the long run.


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