Whats more effective, word of mouth or the use of digital media?

Although both have obviously got their upsides, which is the more effective way at bringing new business to a company and helping it to grow? Discuss 

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I would say the use of digital media b/c that will lead to sharing AND word of mouth if you have a product worth talking about. It will be spread via their peers etc.

Thanks for the input Robin


Hey Ross,

I would have to say the same as Robin but with a twist. A lot has to do with the type of company. Product or services and whether they are targeting companies or individual consumers. Word of mouth I see works best for businesses but for individuals, you can use a combination. Good luck!

For me it's both. word of mouth works for those who are not "computer geeks" and for those who are inclined to using computer, digital media. New businesses should maximize the use of both word of mouth and digital media.


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