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The Essence Of Affiliate Management

If you have a product that you want to sell, whether it's an e-book, audio or video, it's usually a very wise idea to create an affiliate program around it.

If you have an affiliate program for your product, you will get a ton of traffic that you would not normally have received.

The reason is because a lot of people will promote your product for you when you're paying them a commission to do it!

Would you rather have 100 people buy your product from you? Or would…


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How To Be A Successful Web 2.0 Puppetmaster

One of the key characteristics of Web 2.0 is participation, collaboration and moderation through the use of web applications. Web 2.0 sites derive their power from the human connections and network effects from this characteristic that is made possible, and grow in effectiveness the more people use them.

The idea of "participation, collaboration and moderation" can take many forms. If you look back history, bulletin boards are one form, online forums are another, online multiplayer…


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How Content Marketers Can Benefit From Healthy Gamification [video]

Content marketing is very rewarding and can be a great job.  However, it can really lead to great stress and a spare tire around your belly from lack of activity.  Yes the brain burns more energy than anything else in your body but sitting down for 12 hours in a day reading and…


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Social Media Adoption and The Stages of Grief

For businesses embarking upon pivotal and difficult foundational change (like this whole social-media-integration-into-business thing), there are distinct stages that very closely resemble the traditional “stages of grief” we’ve come to know around loss in our personal lives.

The people stewarding this change are often right in the thick of these phases, and experiencing these emotions throughout.…


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Top 20 social media monitoring vendors for business

Excellent article I wanted to share from

Data galore: A screen grab from Radian6.

A rare comparison of the major monitoring & engagement

services: Radian6, Lithium, Attensity360 & 17 more

By J.D. Lasica and Kim Bale

The online…


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The Fatigue of Social Media Fatigue

Almost as prevalent as blind social media evangelism is the level of fatigue and ennui around it.

It’s a tough thing, being in a nascent industry, just like in a growing company. There are pain points and obstacles. There’s disillusionment, frustration, disorganization as the real-life challenges make themselves known, and when we’re discovering more questions than answers. We feel like there’s more, but we can’t always see what it is or where we’re headed, and people are impatient…


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The Best Tips for Protecting Your Brand Reputation Online

With all of the social media circulating on the Internet today, it is a sad but true fact that many professionals have been penalized in the workplace due to inappropriate conduct or misinformation about their brand

found online. Luckily for you, these social media tools can also work to your

advantage to protect your reputation,



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More Control For Job Seekers Over Their Linkedin Profile

Linkedin announced some interesting changes today that has special impact on job seekers.

Linkedin can be a major tool that more and more job seekers use to manage their online reputation. Many candidates have seen the power that a business network such as Linkedin c an bring to their ability to connect with people in large companies, network for jobs, and build an… Continue

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LinkedIn Success Stories - Yes, you can find a job through LinkedIn

I received a lot of feedback to a recent blog post on New Media Hire entitled ‘LinkedIn Maintains its Place in Social Networking’. I also distributed the link on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. One of the questions I raised in the earlier post was whether anyone had ever leveraged LinkedIn to get a job or land a business opportunity.

A LinkedIn success story

Of… Continue

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4 Composite Functions of Social Media

SM Composite Function I've been thinking about the "functions" of social media.

The concept of a function is a mathematical term which expresses the intuitive idea that one quantity (the argument of the function, also known as the input) completely determines another quantity (the value, or output).

There are many ways to represent or visualize… Continue

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How bid management software can improve search marketing results by over 20%

We have been using our proprietary automated bid management software for over a year now and we’ve seen a vast improvement in productivity metrics and campaign results. Earlier most of the time we spent on an account used to be on bid management and reporting. Now that time has been reduced by over 30%! And we’ve been able to squeeze out more value from accounts that had hit a plateau.

Although the overall interest in bid management software seems to have waned over the last few years,… Continue

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Brand & Reputation Management to defend your brand in SERPs - Position2

The Need for (SERM) Search Engine Reputation Management

In the modern business scenario, there is nothing more painful than knowing that a potential customer seeking more information online is getting negative feedback about your company or product.

Nowadays, a brand is defined by how well you rank in Search Engine results. It can be in a news site, blog or a forum. Irrespective of the source of negative listings, the impact can be devastating. Most companies experience… Continue

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Top 10 New Media Jobs

We have taken a look at the top job requests on the New Media Hire job board and the demand for certain positions as we have put together this list. In addition, we have looked at other sites to see what jobs are posted. Although this is pretty unscientific, it seems to be pretty consistent with other research we have found.

1. Content Management

2. Game Development

3. Graphic Design

4. New Media/Digital Media Attorney

5. Online & Mobile Marketing

6.… Continue

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