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Social TV in 2014

Do you tweet about TV shows while you're watching them? Then you're involved with 2014's …


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New Social Tool That Helps Identify Social Influencers

Social Media is so vast that finding influencers and even potential business contacts can prove to be daunting, yet there are social  media tools that make this a much easier road to travel.


Social media has changed not only marketing but search as a whole. Today, you need to know who are the top…


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Using Social Media for Your Wedding

The biggest day of your life is around the corner and what better way to share it than on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or another SM platform

of choice? Social media has evolved into the central processing unit where we share everything about our lives, from the dessert we ate last night to…


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The Consequences of Inconsistent Social Media Efforts

Marketing experts agree that social media can have a positive effect on your branding, sales and, above all, your relationships with your customers. That's why thousands of businesses large and small have taken up using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other top social media platforms. If you've read many articles about using social media for business purposes, you may have read that…


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See How Easily You Can Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Most business owners know that they can use social media as a marketing tool, but many people are unsure of exactly how it works. Large companies won’t have much trouble building up a social media presence, which can provide…


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Social Media Misconceptions That May Be Hurting Your Company

If you’ve been in business longer than five minutes, you probably have a string of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts for your company. You probably have those accounts because you were told that everyone needs a presence on these social networks for their business to…


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Innovative Ways to Use Instagram’s New Video to Help Your Business

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram last year in a deal that came right before the social networking behemoth’s initial public offering, people have been wondering what changes and upgrades Facebook would make to the photo-sharing service. This summer it made a biggie: The addition of video capabilities that…


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How to Use a Holiday to Increase Your Social Media Presence

It was nothing short of brilliant. Little Caesars recently used the July 4 holiday to send its social media presence flying, using little more than a common hashtag. How did the company manage to generate a trillion media impressions? Read on for the case study and how this simple but effective idea can help your business gain exposure as well.

Find a Great…


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Social Media: 3 Platforms That Your Brand May Be Overlooking

Social media platforms are quickly becoming integral parts of companies’ marketing strategies. They serve as tools with which you can develop your brand, communicate with potential customers and advertise your products. It seems like every brand under the sun is realizing this value at they rush to create…


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Social Media Forensics: Possibilities and Limitations

Lawyers and law enforcement increasingly turn to social media to gather evidence. Forensic social media helps determine motive, find pictorial or video evidence, and confirm or refute alibis. The new investigative tool has proven effective for both prosecutors and defense attorneys, and determines the outcome of many court cases.

The Importance of the Cell…


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How to Overcome the Biggest Social Media Problems

Everyone knows that social media is a vital component of any business, whether it relates to beer or bears. But implementing a smart social media strategy isn’t easy, and that’s where many businesses find themselves tripped up. They may feel intimidated by newer platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, or they may not allocate their time updating social media sites…


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Social Media and Negativity: What Should You Do?

When businesses start using social media, they're often thrilled with the fact that it makes it so easy for them to talk directly with customers. One of the reasons this initial honeymoon period is so common is because anything they hear back from customers is positive.


However, as just about any…


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The Dangers of Using Social Media During a Crisis

The bombings during the Boston Marathon were tragic, and they also provided a reminder that when a crisis hits, social media is a good place to turn to get a general sense of the public mood. But it’s not a great place to get reliable…


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Putting the Social Back Into Social Media

Statistics show that the more time a person spends online, the more likely they are to commit suicide. While that may be a broad statement, overall those who attempt or commit suicide spend more time online than those who don’t. It might seem implausible as a result of all the social media sites out there.…


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Get All Your Social Media on the Same Page

Don’t feel bad if your social media strategy seems to be getting more and more complicated. Just as you’ve mastered one popular site, another one takes over, and now you have to create content for that site. It’s enough to make you log off forever!


While social media plays a crucial role in marketing your business, the downside is how long it takes to understand it, let alone…


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What Can B2B Companies Accomplish with Social Media?

It wasn't that long ago when most businesses were skeptical of what could be accomplished with social media. Whether they were a B2C or B2B operation, the majority of businesses thought that social media was simply a fad. While there were actually plenty of legitimate reasons for this belief, now that more time has passed, it's become apparent that this form of online interaction is here to…


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How to Create Content That Social Media Users Will Love

There's a good chance that you've read at least a few blog posts that have told you how important it is to create quality content. While that's absolutely true, many posts that extol this virtue don't provide any actionable advice about how to create it.


Although there's nothing wrong with a post…


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Is Social Media Working for You?

Is social media actually working for you and your business, or is it the other way around? It’s important to remember the point of social media for business owners. It should be a way to connect with your customers and foster those relationships. However, many people get caught up putting in more…


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Global Social Media Trends 2013

Social media has changed our everyday lives in the last few years. It’s even changed our language. If someone asked you to “follow” them five years ago you might have assumed they’d set up a cult. Social networks influence how we communicate, share ideas, promote ourselves and our businesses and keep up with global…


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[INFOGRAPH] Social Media Cheat Sheet - Top 9 Social Media Sites for your Business

SM2 put together an incredible social media cheat sheet! Check out the infographic to see how to use which social media platform to best benefit your organization. They give 4 main areas they measured each medium:

  1. Reach: How Many Members
  2. Time Investment Required
  3. Quality of…

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