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HOW TO: Use Instagram and Vine to reach Youths (Nonprofits & Education)

Nonprofits traditionally have had trouble attracting today’s youths because many causes have a hard time reaching young people on their own terms. Tailoring your nonprofit’s marketing strategy to the interests of…


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TUTORIAL: How to Get Your Facebook Graph Search Ready in 8 Steps

Facebook’s new Graph Search is very different from Google search. With Graph Search, you …


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11 Ways to Create an Email Drip Campaign for your Organization

As you may know that email marketing is effective for converting transactions like donations, renewals and action alerts.

Email is also awesome for nurturing a peer to peer campaign.…


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How Your Organization Can Use Facebook’s Newsfeed Updates

FaceBook is always updating and changing their interaction features. In late September the news broke out about a change in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm that was causing big drops in reach for many branded pages for nonprofits, businesses and all organizations. The EdgeRank algorithm…


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How Google+ Ripples can move supporters to action

A few weeks ago, with just a hint of data potential within Google+ for marketing and engagement. Google+ Ripples is really the first set of metrics we’ve seen from Google around Google+. It’s not enough, of course, but worth parsing because it hints at what is to come from Google. It also offers Google+ users relevant information about the use of circles, G+ influence, and how data is…


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4 Easy To Use Productivity Tools To Organize Your Social World

Social media can be extremely overwhelming. What time of day to post, where to post, what are people talking about and so on. We all hear every day that there are new online tools being touted as the newest, greatest thing sure to make your social media life easy. To help, I’ve summarized a…


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What do the Stats Show About Facebook Engagement?

As Facebook is used as a strong marketing tool, do you ever wonder what your viewers find most interesting and popular or even what they share? What time of the day are your postings viewed most? Well, there is finally some data on that.

The great thing about Facebook is that what works and what…


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5 Useful Pinterest Tools To Help You Become A Pro

Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing contributing social sites in the last year. Sharing all kinds of

photos and visual aspects to the web that I don't think any of us had expected. With that popularity comes a host of tools to take advantage of this…


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How Create Your Own Cool Twitter Background

There are millions of accounts on Twitter so how do you make yours stand out? It's difficult for users to make their impact 140 characters at a time, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Before people will read your tweets (for your nonprofit, organization or yourself), they’ll form a first impression.

Two of Twitter's default…


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Metrics are Much More Than Likes and Followers

If you truly breakdown metrics and you look at what they really mean, you will be very surprised. People that measuring how many Likes and Followers you have is a realistic number. Far from that. You can measure that without an action to compare that to.

Let's say for example, archers don’t aim at the point halfway between the arrow tip and the target. If they did, they would never hit the…


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8 Suggestions for Writing Incredible Blogs

It's always hard to write an awesome blog post. It can be a hard process to come up with ideas and write something that others want to read. The pressure can be quite overwhelming.

If you’re reading this, you’re on the road to becoming a great blogger.

Now, what defines a good blog post? That depends on what your goals are, but most bloggers generally agree that a good blog post is defined by the following characteristics:

1. It’s…


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Using UTM Tags To Measure your Custom Facebook Tabs

We’ve seen a lot of changes to Facebook tabs over the years, from the days they were really tabs (at the top of the page) to “tabs” in the left sidebar to the newfangled small boxes (called tabs) at the bottom of your Timeline cover image.

But even with the recent changes to the Facebook pages with Timeline…


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7 Tips to Assist With New Facebook Timeline

You only have a day to get ready for the new Facebook Timeline to change your pages!

If you are an administrator for your organization’s Facebook page, you’ve no doubt noticed the alert that invites you to preview the look of your new page with the option of publishing it for all the world to see. Up until tomorrow March 30, only page administrators can see the changes, if you haven’t set it live yet. On Friday, Facebook will flip the switch for everyone.…


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How To Set Up Your Social Media Measuring Strategy

I thought I would share this some information on how to set up your social media measuring plan. Many people don't know how to do this or what tools to use but I learned something so please take a look.

Things to avoid when measuring

  • Don’t get caught up in shiny new measurement tools. Because then you start trying to measure the tools, and not what you should be focusing on. Experiment, by all means, but don’t get lost in the tools; keep your focus on your objectives…

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Facebook Timeline - 11 Ways it will Alter Your Current Content Marketing Plan

Oh Facebook, more changes and not just for your Facebook page but your entire strategy!

The new Facebook page Timeline layout changes the way your organization needs to think about content.

Previously, a Facebook Page content strategy was primarily focused on two things:

Custom tabs – The the content strategy for Welcome pages (custom landing tabs) focused on engaging visitors with a clear call to action in mind. For…


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14 Hot Free Tools to Help Measure your Social Influence

If your are a smaller shop, you may want to take on measuring your own social media. To start, take a look at these 14 tools that will help you get started and could also be a longer term solution to keep up on your social influence. As you gather information, you will be able to use it as part of your overall strategy.

Your social media plan — if you have one — should consist of goal-setting, implementation and measuring, among other things. That last part, metrics, is frequently…


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8 Steps to Set Up Your Own Metrics Program

Metrics become important when you want to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities. You want to know where you need to increase or decrease your efforts and what other ones to cut altogether. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly where to start and what to measure.

Image by Stuart Miles on

8 steps to help you become a data-driven organization

For mid-size and large organizations, their social…


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Five Cases To Use Social Media Instead of Traditional SEO

I saw this article on how marketing using social media is becoming more relevant than using the traditional methods of trying to gain reach using SEO. It goes into influence and the role content plays.

From Site Prebuilder

A lot of people expend resources…


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Getting Started with Live Streaming

With so many organization wanting and using live streaming. This is a great article to help get you started.

Live streaming is an area of digital media getting a lot of attention lately. Live streaming can have a positive impact on your community when done the correct way and used with existing social communities or websites, but there are some important questions to ask before diving in.

Is it the right kind of event for…


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Difference between Google Plus Pages & Profiles

Now that you have Google Plus Page for your nonprofit, I thought it would be helpful to explain the difference between Google Plus Pages and Profiles. Google Plus Profiles and Business Pages have similar…


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