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Facebook video ads - Could this be a new alternative to YouTube PPC?

If you’re looking to place video advertising on a social network, YouTube is currently the obvious choice. With over a billion unique visitors and four billion hours of video watched each month, it’s by far the most popular online video sharing platform and…


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Vine - How to Create Viral Videos for Startups

Since its launch in January 2013 Vine has been one of the most frequently downloaded apps in the iPhone app store. It allows you to create short looping videos on an…


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Social Motives in Learned Motives

Human beings have certain basic psychological needs which is expressed through the social patterns of his particular culture. Obviously one needs security feelings, exchange of esteem and love and social approval but…


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Social Factors of Factors of Perception

As we are social creatures and many of our perceptions are directly or indirectly shaped by our social experience, our perception is very much influenced by certain social factors.…


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Global Social Media Trends 2013

Social media has changed our everyday lives in the last few years. It’s even changed our language. If someone asked you to “follow” them five years ago you might have assumed they’d set up a cult. Social networks influence how we communicate, share ideas, promote ourselves and our businesses and keep up with global…


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6 Methods Of Building Your Facebook Fanpage in 2013

1.    Look the Part

When first-time visitors land on your Facebook fan page you have a relatively short time to convince them to stay on the page and take a better look around. You want visitors click…


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The Basics of Setting up an Email Subscription List - You Too Can Do It!

If you’re familiar with online marketing, you’ll regularly hear thought leaders and industry experts say that ‘the money is in the list’. And if you’re serious about using the web to build your business, email marketing is something that you should consider.


In many ways, SEO services…


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The New Age of Social SEO & Its Influence on Website Visibility

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landscape is changing drastically. Time and again we are witnessing a new trend and an alteration. SEO has a huge influence on website visibility.

SEO’s influence on website visibility

When you develop and launch a…


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What Is Special About Social Media Promotion?

Best way of marketing through social media

The social media and networks help you to create awareness regarding the brands of the product. But, there is need to put more effort for attracting the visitors that turns into more sales. There should be a…


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Google & Facebook Ads - The Real Difference

Those people whom love studying various graphs and charts evaluating the Facebook's Market Ads to Google Pay per click, there is apparently no competition. Definitely, the fact of this situation is always that the Google offers a lot more advertisement results. Therefore once more, that is as a…


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Developing a Facebook Holiday Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Facebook is one of the best marketing resources available to businesses in the world today, and many business owners are finally catching on to this. Marketing your business effectively is rarely a simple process, and it is almost never inexpensive. Businesses everywhere have been outsourcing their…


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Top 5 Mobile Marketing Tips for the Holidays

As the holidays creep up on us, it is important to adjust our marketing strategies in order to take advantage of the great potential offered to us this season. The holidays are a time for tremendous growth and profits for those who play their cards right. Take your business to the next level by trying out these 5…


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5 Reasons Facebook Marketing Appears Overwhelming!

Although Facebook is a very popular social media platform, it's still a mystery to some.The marketing opportunities are endless, but yet you must implement your strategy carefully. It seems that most brands are still trying to get their head around what works and what doesn't on…


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Twitter's New SEO Play: A Profile Directory of All Users Accounts

Twitter has quietly rolled out a new profile directory which covers all of their active five hundred million plus accounts. SEO consultants speculate whether this is purely an SEO move or whether there is an element of trying to get back into Google’s good graces again at play.


Twitter is…


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5 Important Things to Remember When Planning your Social Media Strategy

A lot of mistakes I see businesses making when joining social media networks is leaping in without a plan – or to put it more precisely – without a strategy. It’s something I think many of us overlook – after all, when we use something on a day-to-day basis for our own personal enjoyment (and let’s fact it, who…


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5 Ways to Make Google+ Work For Your Marketing

Few people can argue with the fact that social marketing is becoming one of the main methods of marketing for a lot of companies. While Facebook has dominated this industry for the last few years, Google+ is slowly picking up more and more users and there are certainly plenty of ways you can utilize the platform…


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5 Ways to Enhance your LinkedIn Profile

Have you been wondering how to get the most from your LinkedIn profile? This social network website has undergone changes and has made many upgrades. If you already have a profile on LinkedIn then it is great time to refresh and revisit your presence on website since this is a very popular tool among…


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10 MORE Reasons Why Buying Social Media Followers is a Bad Idea

Social media fosters engagement with followers and prompts conversions.  When a company buys followers, whether the fake followers are on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, the company defeats the purpose of social media.  According to a Gartner study10-15%…


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10 Reasons Why Buying Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Followers is a BAD Idea

Many SMM Specialists (social media marketing specialists) still buy users for social networks like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, and think it's okay. But the matter is not in the ethical and moral issues - it can be harmful for your business. Buying followers is never a good idea, and here is…


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10 Unique Tips for Using Google+ for Marketing

This is an article with some of the most unique tips for Google+ marketing on the web, because each tip is a concept that you can use with Google+.

1 - Let Google do your research for you

Create a brand dashboard in Google+, then tailor it to keep it up to date with other…


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