When it comes to SEO content is king. We all know that by now. Whether you’re trying to trying to attract users to your own pages, or encourage other sites to give you those all important back links, the only fail safe way to do so is by creating top-notch content. As a result guest blogging has become a highly popular method of site promotion.


However, not all forms of content are equal. Just as the old adage stresses that ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’, an infographic can prove to be a more valuable use of your talents than a guest blog when it comes to getting other sites to share your efforts with their users.


Here’s a look at some of the advantages of having an infographic designed;


Multiple Links


When it comes to obtaining back links through content, guest blogging is one of the most popular tactics a site owner can use. Naturally, the focus is on providing quality articles that are going to be of genuine value to readers. As a result, every piece you write needs to be unique. After all, nobody wants to host duplicate content.


The same does not apply to infographics. The question of whether it’s been posted elsewhere before is irrelevant. All a blog owner needs to ask themselves when considering to put it up is whether or not they consider it worthy of their site. As a result, your creation could potentially be published thousands of times, promoting you as an authority in your niche are and giving you a valuable SEO boost.




The best guest bloggers know that when they’ve been given the chance to write for someone else’s audience they need to effectively walk a tightrope between maintaining the tone of the site that’s publishing them and promoting their own brand. For good bloggers, this means getting their unique voice across.


Needless to say, this is a difficult trick to pull off, but it can be circumvented by using an infograpghic which, by its visual nature, can be stylised to reflect your own sites branding, from including your logo, and signature fonts, to employing a trademark colour scheme.


Potential to go Viral


Having a piece of content that links back to your site go viral is a dream scenario. Unfortunately, however well thought out and perfectly worded it may be, you’re highly unlikely to experience this with a page of text. Of course, people do share links to text heavy pages, but these tend to be from traditional media sources such as news outlets. When a small player scores a viral hit, it’s generally through some form of content that is more instantly gratifying than an article, be it an incredible photo, a bizarre video or a humorous meme.


Obviously these aren’t modes of expression that fit well with the type of subject matter most sites deal with. By being both visually attractive, concise and to the point and educational you’ll find infographics are much more likely to get shared around between people who find them useful than even your most flawlessly executed post.


NewMediaSocial.com guest poster Will Houston writes on a wide range of business development tactics that site owners can use to grow their site. For more visit www.development-school.org

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