LeapFish Launches Fastest Search Engine and Pushes Search to 2.0

The Fastest Search on the Planet - that is bold. But it is also true. Think about it, results that are returned as you type and no "search button" to click each time. That not only saves time but related information will be revealed as you type your search term in the box with each letter.

I have been working with Dot Next Inc to get the word out about LeapFish. Just so you know up front yes I work there so there is no misunderstanding. But I did feel compelled to do a quick post on a Search Engine that is incredibly progressive and is redefining how we get, access and view information.

Clay Shirky a professor at NYU reviews the major issue out there as people try to disseminate all of the information coming at them today. At LeapFish we wholeheartedly agree with him - but rather than just watch and HOPE something is done - LeapFish IS DOING SOMETHING about it.

is NOT just an aggregator of information - they are a site that allows you to really get the information you need not what the search engines think you need. An example; you do a search on one of the major search engines and what do you find - the information related to your search that THEY think is relevant. What if there is more information out there that would make a huge difference in your decision, but you didn't find it because that particular search engine didn't deem it relevant or important? How much information that matters to you is not revealed to you every time you look for it? That is what LeapFish is for.

So now you know, LeapFish was developed for the user to get what THEY want not what a search engine THINKS you want. It is evolutionary and it is the next step in search. Who is right; google, yahoo, msn, youtube, blogs, social networks, amazon, ebay? Well all of them of course, now you can have it all in one place without spending hours going from site to site and having a single search engine tell you what they think.

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Comment by Robin on January 18, 2009 at 10:55am
Hey Mark, I put the information overload video on the site about the information overload. Pretty interesting.

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