Why Bother Measuring Your Social Media Campaign? Keep it “Chaotic” Sweetie!

How do you measure success for your social marketing campaigns?

After reading the in-depth tips and insights provided by the LinkedIn community, I was so inspired to write this article in order to sum it all up and give Garious readers a clear roadmap to follow when measuring the effectiveness of their SMM campaigns.

Questions Are The Answers! Let’s Set Our Goals Straight

In a previous article, I explained the importance of applying  Anthony Robbins success recipe “Questions are the answers” in business. Simply put: asking quality questions means getting quality answers!

Here’s my question for you: What is the primary goal(s) of your social media marketing campaign?

If your answer is brand awareness, lead generation, identifying prospects and/or sales (ROI –Return on Investment), I would say you are on the right track.  But at the end of the day, we are all after the “dough!”  In other words, you need to apply Stephen Covey’s 2nd habit: Begin with the end in mind. In the process, you will discover that your SMM campaign is no different than conventional marketing campaigns, except in the How side of the equation.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind the right order of fulfilling each goal as illustrated in the following image:

"measure social media"

What I’m trying to say here is that focusing on generating direct sales from your social presence without giving enough effort to establishing brand awareness is not a very smart move. . Instead, you need to focus on social branding for a while until you get satisfactory results and on to the next step on your SMM ladder of success.

It goes without saying that deciding How long it takes to achieve satisfactory results on each ladder step is very relative depending on the size/nature of your business.

There’s no rule of thumb in that regard. Still, it’s certainly helpful to shed light on some proven techniques to measure the effectiveness of each milestone. Let’s examine them one by one…

First Things First! How to Create a “Balanced” Social Media Campaign

By balanced here I mean that your SMM campaign shouldn’t focus on blogging on the expense of having a killer Facebook page! You need to work on building your social influence puzzle pieces in parallel. In my S.M.A.R.T. SMM article, I detailed how you can create a balanced and targeted social presence:

1. How to Measure Brand Awareness on Social Media

I have dedicated an entire article discussing how to grow bigger ears and accurately determine how others perceive your brand.

2. How to Measure Lead Generation on Social Media

If you are integrating list building with social media, you can easily measure the number of leads you get from specific social networking sites. (Including your optin form in your Facebook page or giving your blog subscribers option to subscribe to your newsletter are two examples of how you can leverage social media for list building.)

The above are examples of what I call “tangible social leads”. Some people believe that the number of page fans or Twitter followers are reliable indicators of the leads generated via social media, but I beg to differ!

3. How to Identify prospects on Social Media

Here are some straightforward tips that I copied from one of the answers:


- No. of Interactions- Likes and comments

- No. of impressions your posts are receiving and whether that no. is increasing steadily.

- Feedback: % of people responding to the post out of the total impressions the post received.

- Is the demography of the fans matching that of your target audience


- Views, comments, subscription

- Ranking on YouTube search


- Downloads

- In case there are links pointing back to a blog or website at the end of the presentation; % clicks to views


- @mentions, messages, retweets, addition to lists

What if you wish to dig deeper and identify qualified prospects or what I like to call “hot” prospects?  Those are the ones who constantly comment on and retweet your content. The easiest “hot” prospects that you can turn into customers are the ones who trust you enough to ask you questions relevant to your products/services.

These types of users deserve extra attention on your behalf. Check out their Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn accounts to find out if they fit into your niche market in terms of occupation, age range, educational level…etc.

If they do, I would say do what you normally do if you identify a hot prospect offline. In social media jargon, this translates into effectively engaging with them and closely monitoring their social habits by creating Facebook Lists and Twitter Lists for them. Here are some helpful resources in that regard:

4. How To Measure Sales (ROI) Generated From Social Media?

Your overall performance in the previous steps will determine your social ROI. Here are some resources to help you out:

Let’s Wrap It All Up…

The bottom line is that a social media campaign has different milestones, the first and most important of which is brand awareness, followed by lead generation, identifying prospects and generating sales.

It’s important to note here that dividing your campaign into stages doesn’t imply that you would give one of them your full attention and totally disregard the rest! For example, when you decide it’s time to focus on prospects identification, you would still be working on your social branding and lead generation, but you will be giving more focus to prospects identification.

These divisions are helps you identify the strengths and weakness in your campaign; they are certainly co-dependent and interrelated.


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Comment by JoeM on April 11, 2011 at 1:37pm
It's all a little insane! Is anyone getting any real data or close to accurate. Measuring is a total guess!

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